Friday, September 8, 2017

*In Store Report* My Life As...Fall Collection - Canada

Did some scouting at our local Walmart. Besides the new dolls, there were a few new things at Walmart--no real fall clothes though, just a few special Canada 150 outfits.
I found four outfits, one snowsuit, one coat/pants/mittens set, one denim dress with a maple leaf scarf (which we purchased) and a baseball tee/tutu skirt/legging outfit. 

Also new this year, some new pets, new cowboy hat/neckerchief combo sets (we purchased the red Canadian one) and new separate pieces, including different-coloured leggings and tutus for $4 each other. Also new--clear boots with patterned socks. We got one of those, as well!

No new accessory sets yet. Will keep my out for other new items!

Mini doll outfits.

-Robin :)


  1. Thank you Robin! I wonder how the mini outfits would fit the AG Mimi dolls.

  2. I don't know about the mini but look out for long sleeves and cuffs on 18 clothes as AG doll has much larger hands that don't fit, my life clothes.S.R.

  3. These releases are adorable! I especially love the Canadian clothes. Madelon

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, they have finally re-released an Asian doll! She is available in winter skater, ballerina and the sleepover doll in the blue onesie!

  5. I'm skill on the hunt for some of the new fall accessory packs! We never seem to get as many cool ones as the US does!

    BTW: Thoughts and prayers with all of our American friends affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We are wishing safety for your and yours!

  6. The Asian doll in plaid is so cute! I already got her in the ballerina outfit but this one might have better hair. Thanks for sharing

  7. We never have cool MLA stuff at our Walmart store :( The two piece snowsuit and denim dress with scarf are incredible!

    1. Yes, I'll have to stock up on the Canadian bits for sure! ;) Wonder if the snowsuit would fit the boys.....