Tuesday, August 1, 2017

*In Store Report* MLA.....Aisle - New Items

This is a GREAT laundry set!

Perfect for Julie's Groovy room!

Lava lamp lights up....

All accessory sets priced at $7.96

Outfits priced $9.96


Kitchen set - this is a GREAT item!

 My Life As 18 Inch Doll Hot Dog Cart My Life As Hot Dog Cart with bicycle for 18 inch doll.
  • Functional ringing bell on handle bar.
  • Bicycle rolls.
  • All cart doors open/close.
  • Hot dogs are removable from buns.

 My Life As Ballet Studio My Life As Ballet Studio
  • 2-in-1 ballet studio and singing stage. Center panel flips to reveal a stage.
  • Boom box plays 2 songs.
  • Accessories include: boom box, 2 flower urns, microphone, microphone stand, ballet bar, 3 posters.
  • Fabric stage curtains.



  1. It's so great to see these posted here!
    We own the Ballet studio and the Lava playset, and I cant tell you how much my daughter loves them. The lava lamp even lights up. The "My Life As" brand definitely rivals that of AG and OG, so nice to have a well made and fun option to the more expensive brands.

    1. The ballet studio/stage looks really cool. I could see the kids enjoying it. It doesn't look terribly huge either. Does it fold down at all?

    2. The stage base can be removed and the two side panels next to the center piece fold into itself. So basically the Ballet set folds flat once you remove the stage and it can easily be stored away when its not being played with

  2. The lava lamp actually lights up instead of glow in the dark? Walmart won over Target this time. And I bet it wont take a whole year to find it either lol

  3. The blue sparkly dress looks like they saw Grace's pink dress and did a re color.