Monday, July 31, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Day Ten - Alaska

Wow its been raining a lot this summer! And I've had a hard time this week getting Tammy out to enjoy Alaska! But this morning it finally stopped raining just for a little while. Everything was all wet, but we got to do a little bit of sight seeing.

Today, Tammy and I decided to visit a few places in the tiny town where I live! It is called Big Lake. 

Big Lake is a big, big lake I believe it is man made, but I am not 100% sure about that. Its very deep, and very very big. In the winter time you can drive across it because it freezes pretty thick! 

I have driven across this lake once. And let me tell you, it is an experience I do not care to have again. It was very nerve racking and I had to pretend like the lake was a paved road and the cracks I could see and hear under neath my car where just pavement. Then I was some what okay to drive across it. 

In the winter time there is a major snow machine / snow mobile race. (In Alaska we call Snowmobiles, Snow machines.) People come from all over the world to race in this race. Tod Palin (Sarah Palin's husband)  is a major competitor in this race as well. Though I cannot remember if he raced last year or not. 

Tammy and I also visited Fish Creek in Big Lake. This is the creek that goes up from the ocean into Big Lake and brings all the fish. During the Salmon run you can see hundreds of Salmon running up the creek! Its pretty neat to see. But there where not any Salmon today!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Alaska is beautiful. I don't know if I could drive across the ice hearing the cracks.

    1. Amazing. I could,not, not, not, drive across the lake. You were so brave. Beautiful place to see. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Agreed, Maxine!! I don't think I'd have the nerve to drive across a frozen lake, either!

      It looks like Tammy has had can wonderful visit with you! And Alaska sounds beautiful!

  2. It's been fun following Tammy's travels in Alaska. Lovely scenery.

  3. I could never drive across that lake, but am enjoying Tammy's travels. Madelon