Monday, July 17, 2017

*TAMMY'S TRAVELS* Day One - Alaska

Tammy's first day or rather night in Alaska! 

Yipee! Tammy was waiting for me today when I got home from work at the post office! The mail lady was very nice when she brought me the box and gently carried it to me. She knows my love for dolls and what the boxes look like when I get a new one! 

Lottie couldn't wait to see Tammy and she sat right on top the box before I could even get it open! 

Lottie: Come on Joanna hurry up!
Joanna: I gotta get the scissors you know!

Much to Lottie's dismay it took me a little while to open the box! But I finally did get it open and guess what!! Tammy was in there!
Lottie: Oh boy! Look Joanna Tammy is finally here!
Joanna: Yup she gets to visit us for a whole month!
Lottie: Oh boy I bet we'll become good friends with her!
Joanna: Yes I think you will! 

Tammy finally came out of the package and came in her own pretty box! Lottie was very impressed! 

Lottie: Wew! Tammy you sure have a pretty box! I wonder if Joanna has mine still? 
Joanna: I might! 

Lottie and I finally got Tammy out of the box and she is so cute with her adorable little journal! We cant wait to show her around Alaska! 

Lottie: Tammy I hope you had a wonderful journey here!
Tammy: I did but it sure was long! I'm awfully tired! Can I borrow a bed and some jammies please? 
Lottie: Sure thing! Let's get you right to bed! You have a big day tomorrow! 

Annalise: Lottie, who is this? 
Lottie: It's Tammy! She will be visiting us for a whole week! 
Annalise: Oooh we get to show her around Alaska!
Lottie: Yes we do! 
Annalise: We better let her sleep now uh?
Lottie: Yes! 

Stay tune for further adventures from Tammy's Travels in Alaska!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to see what you dollings get up to :)

  2. LOL! The picture of Lottie and Tammy makes Tammy look like she has horns! Looking forward to her Alaska adventure!

    1. Haha I didnt notice that! The dresser I have is a very old dresser that actually came from the house I grew up in. Which was an 1850s farm house. So no idea how old it is! It needs to be refurnished. but I am lazy. Maybe one day I will do it....

  3. Looking forward to her adventures! Madelon

  4. Looking forward to seeing more of Tammy's adventures in Alaska!