Wednesday, July 26, 2017

*REVIEW* Troll Nightgowns for Dolls


For the love of trolls
Each troll was a dollar at Target.

These Troll nightgowns came with a girl size one. They were on sale at Kohl's.


  1. Hope Faith would love. How much for the Girl/Doll Nightgown Sets?

    1. I think it was $15. Kohl's had a lot of doll and girl matching nightgowns this summer. I think they are on clearance now. Madelon

  2. The nightgown sets at Kohls are so nice! CB has a Peppa Pig set. I wish they went up to bigger sizes though. I think they only go to size 10, too small for Eldest. Now just need some pj sets for boys too!