Saturday, July 29, 2017

*REVIEW* DreamWorks Poppy Troll - BABW

So....I bought Poppy! $28

She comes with a birth certificate.

She is so cute, I recommend her. Colorful and soft.
 Positively Poppy! This adorable little Troll is always ready for hugs! With her stylable hot pink hair, flower hairband and DreamWorks Trolls logo on her foot, Poppy wears her signature dress.

Her outfit was separate $10.50. 

And Poppy has a bubble gum much for downsizing!


  1. She is adorable! Madelon

  2. That would be hard not to buy. Very cute. Does anyone know what the coupon code is for 20%off at AG or when it ends. Some people got it on the new magazine.

    1. The coupon's number changes per individual so it can only be used once and seems to be targeted to those who don't shop frequently. I complained about this at AGDC but was told the marketing department decides. I don't think it is fair. Madelon

  3. oh my that is so cute!!! I love Poppy