Monday, July 10, 2017

*REVIEW* AG Summer Craft

For $10.00 American Girl offered a craft over the Summer of 2017. You get to decorate cupcakes, make a girl size license plate for your bike. 

Your doll gets to take home a new shirt. Some stores like Atlanta still have spots left to do the craft. Check the website. Houston Store is already done with the craft, so no more spots available.  

We did our craft at home. The shirt is adorable and simply says Hello Summer. A lot of the new things are plastic that American Girl is selling, but whenever you can grab something that is nice that is not, be sure to grab it. 

So glad to have this wooden table and wooden parlor set from A/G before they went to so much plastics.


  1. It looks like a super cute and fun craft! Wish Alaska had an AG store! Hehe. Maybe if I send them enough emails. :)

    1. Yes, at least one per week. I hope you get one too. The shirt is just adorable. Love to visit Alaska some day.

    2. Alaska is sooo pretty Maxine! You guys would totally love it!