Friday, July 7, 2017

*In Store Report* Doll Size Glassware - Hobby Lobby


Good thru July 8. Stock up on scrapbook paper to paper your doll house walls!

Summer 2015, LADL had a summer event and during Felicity's week, we featured the mercantile. Here are some GREAT doll sized glass jars for your doll kitchens and mercantile. Priced $1.49 - $2.99.

These look great on shelves, in cupboards, on tables and can be filled with small beads.
Don't forget your 40% coupon.


  1. Michael's has in their dollar bins, 2 jars of colored sand clearanced for 50 cents. The jars with cork stoppers are the right size for the dolls - as round as a quarter and 2-2.5" tall.