Friday, June 16, 2017

*REVIEW* Madame Alexander PLAY Outifts - Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning had a sale on Madame Alexander Doll Factory clothes, for $4.99 each set.  Most of the clothes are well made and fit my slimmer AG dolls.

 The tops of the outfits fit pretty well, but none of the jeans and the plaid pants did not go closed in the velcro back.  The shoes went on my AG dolls, but are long and made of plastic.



  1. Such a good review. Linda, how do you like the tights/stocking in the last pictures? I put this on my Madame Alexander play doll and unfortunately it did not go up to the waist. It looks so cute that I could not complain but it made me wonder about the scale of the clothing and what dolls they are intended for. Again strange that it fits AG dolls better than the Madame Alexander play dolls. The first outfit looks so pretty and the price is a steal! I will need to add that to my list to grab soon.

  2. These are very cute looks, I really like the dog. Madelon

  3. I like the pink mod dress outfit, without the black sweater. And your model is just adorable!!