Thursday, June 8, 2017

*On Location* Doll Show

Lots of AG at the doll show!

Madame Alexander

Girls of Many Lands


Ginny dolls.



  1. Love it! I would love to attend a doll show! I would have bought Molly if I had been there!

  2. Marvelous collection of Beautiful Dolls. I have never seen so many AG Dolls in good condition at a doll show.
    Where was this show?

  3. This was a wonderful, FUN show! And you took pictures of lots of dolls that SOMEHOW OR OTHER I missed! Why... well I was busy shopping for clothes for my girls. I'm going to try to share a picture of my rescue Molly in an outfit that is really perfect for Samantha's era. One of the fun features of doll shows is that you can find a lot of "vintage" antique replica doll clothes. And I assembled a darling outfit, at a modest price.

    1. I enjoy coming to this doll show twice a year. I remember when it was four times a year. Hope to see you there in December. Madelon

  4. I love these doll shows. One is coming near me soon and I hope to attend. I love the 13th picture of the doll in the chair. I could use her as Grandmary for Samantha. Surprised to see Isabel and Lea dolls there since they were just on the market from AG. Hope you bought something that will add to your great collection.