Thursday, June 22, 2017

*In Store Report* Truly Me Summer New Releases - AGP Nashville

Thank you Shelly for this up to the minute, amazing report!


  1. Loving the new dolls and backdrop! 67 doll may be coming home with me soon!

  2. I bought number 67 today. I love her! Madelon

  3. 67 is gorgeous! That hair! My sisters both have hair like that. I just bought a 62 but I want to trade her in for 67! So glad they brought back the hamster--my daughter really wants it since we have a real hamster. I'm really impressed with and excited about this release. Some of the items for the hotel look a little too cheap-plastic, but overall it's cute.

    What does everyone else think about the hotel set? Did we even know that was coming?

    1. I think that the hotel was a great idea! What is going to stop me from buying it is all the plastic!!!!!!!! I really would like the garment rack but the not only is it plastic buy you are right it looks cheap-plastic. The fold down bed looks very "Barbie". The hotel desk that coverts to room bureau does not look like it will last any time being folded back and forth. This is too bad- great idea that even if they had added some metal/wood to upgrade it might have been really nice! Sharon

  4. Huge release for AG! I really like the new TM accessories. The pet hamster is adorable. My kids are huge fans of the AG pets, so that French Bulldog will probably find its way to our home.

    I am loving the pet walker display you took a picture of!! So cute.

  5. Great photos, Shelley! Thank you for sharing. I agree with Belle, one of my favorite pieces is the hamster! Definitely coming to my house. :)