Wednesday, May 24, 2017

*REVIEW* Cecile's Parlor Desk

My husband bought me Cecile's Parlor Desk several years ago as a present.  I was thrilled!  When Christmas came along and I opened my presents, I was really surprised to find another of Cecile's Parlor Desks.

He had forgotten that he had already bought me one.  They were originally $85.00 each, but he had bought them on sale for $40.00 each .  We donated the second desk to be auctioned off in a fund raiser for a child cancer patient that we knew.  Glad to say that she is doing well.  

This desk is a nice piece of wooden doll furniture .  I don't know why American Girl puts those large tags in a spot that is seen!   

The desk can be used in several ways and even makes a nice buffet table.  The dolls fit nicely in the attached chair.

   The desk has six curved legs and a hidden compartment, which reminds me of the old telephone table that we had as a child in my living room.  This desk is hardwood, with a hinged, oval top.  The seat is cushioned and the front and back of the desk is decorated with gold colored artwork.


  1. That is another beautiful piece from Cecile's collection. The wood color, and blue fabric look so nice together. I regret not buying it when AG put it on sale. At the time, we were newbies to AG, and didn't realize that once it goes on sale, that usually means discontinued. At the time my daughter wanted Cecile and her bird cage, we weren't thinking archival. It does remind me of a telephone table. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great piece. Wish American Girl would make more furniture in the dark wood. Madelon

  3. I love this desk! It is just beautiful. I also like the hair on your blonde haired doll. She is gorgeous. The braided headband and ponytail look amazing. She almost looks like a brand new doll. I usually have trouble putting the braided headband on. Any hints or clues on how to properly fit it? My dolls heads could be too big maybe. Not sure if the newer ones are looser or a better fit. Thanks for sharing.