Sunday, May 21, 2017

*Reader Photos* Cecile Collection

I got some great shots of Cecile a while back and put them on power point slide. I took some screen shots of my collection and would love to share. Right now her collection is in storage, but some of the great pieces were captured here on screen.

Cecile's  newspaper 
Her school text book
Cecile desk
Her bird Cochon and cage

Paper dolls from her collection 
Her canopy bed


  1. I love this post too!!!! Her Bows are Adorable. I hope to get Bird Cage someday. Thanks Ticia

  2. You have a very nice collection. Her hair looks great! Madelon

  3. She looks very comfortable around her thing and right at home. Your setup is so nice!

    Cecile is such a pretty doll and you keep her hair so beautiful!