Saturday, April 22, 2017

*REVIEW* My Life As....Outfits

I bought two new My Life AS outfits.  These are very nice and fit the AG dolls fairly well. 
 I do not have AG Logan so put the boys outfit on my Felicity to see how it would fit on Logan. 

It is fine, but doesn't quite go together in the back past the Velcro.  However, it fit about the same on MY Life As Schoolboy.  The tennis shoes fit both dolls,but really were too big in the toes.  
The tennis shoes were made of canvas and light weight vinyl.  Both outfits were made in Vietnam.  Cost of each outfit, $9.97.   



  1. Those outfits are cute. I saw the one with the black tee shirt but I was afraid it might transfer onto the doll. Good to know it didn't! Madelon

  2. Is that a pleasant company Felicity, or the re-release? I am winding down on my AG collecting, but the Felicity is really tempting. Your doll is beautiful!

  3. I love the one on Caroline. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I saw the boy outfit yesterday at Walmart, but thought it wouldn't fit so I didn't buy it. I will check on it tomorrow. The girl outfit is just too cute. Hope I can see it.