Thursday, April 20, 2017

*REVIEW* Julie's Groovy Bathroom

Julie loves the bathroom in her family’s new apartment, although she has to compete with her teenage sister, Tracy, for time in it. This make-believe set is full of ’70s style and details, and it folds up for storage with a convenient handle. It includes:
  • A sink on a pink vanity with bright orange trim
  • A floral-print shower curtain and hooks
  • A toilet that makes a flushing sound when the handle is pushed, complete with a funky faux-fur seat cover
  • A hamper with daisy graphics
  • A pretend hanging plant in a macrame holder
  • A wastebasket with a butterfly graphic
  • 3 colored pretend soaps in a soap box
  • A head wrap and towel wrap for Julie
  • Pretend toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a toothbrush holder
  • 2 hand towels and a towel holder
  • Pretend shampoo, perfume, and powder
  • A tissue box
  • A toilet paper roll and pack of toilet tissue
  • A hair dryer with two attachments
  • 2 rainbow-colored hairbows



  1. Thank you for the review. I most likely won't be buying it unless it is on sale. I'm concerned about the durability of the heavy cardboard and how it will hold up to items being placed on the shelves and in the mirror/cabinet by playing hands. Kit's typewriter is a disappointment. I had read the reviews and saw that some had an issue playing with it like a real typewriter. In my mind I think that there are some kids that play with items harder than others, so I thought perhaps not an issue. We got the typewriter and my daughter didn't abuse it, typed like she would on a keyboard, but it got to the point that you would hit a key and the carriage would move all the way to the other side, just like the reviewer said. We exchanged it. I would have considered just getting my money back, but my daughter just wanted Kit to have her typewriter, and was ok with not really playing with. My daughters also like Kit's desk, when it was on sale we looked at it. I thought that there used to be more to the desk, a lamp, phone, etc., but those items aren't with the desk and I don't see them on AG. Can someone tell me if they did come with the desk or where they separate?

    1. The lamp, phone and book were a separate set. It has been discontinued for awhile I am pretty sure. I believe that the set was around 30.00. I love the desk, I believe that it is one of the quality pieces left. Hope that this helps some. Sharon

    2. Kit had Nighttime Necessities set that had a lamp, phone and something else. Madelon

    3. Oh and the Robin Hood book.

  2. Thank you for the review. I am glad they created this for Julie. I feel that AG neglects their Be forever clients and therefore the dolls. It is nice to see Julie getting more items for her collection. I am concerned about the durability of some of the Beforever items because I want to pass the collection down. I wish Addy could get an outfit or two before they retire her.

  3. Thank you Shelly for the nice review.

  4. I hear Z is coming out the 27th. I have always wanted an Asian doll, but I can't do permapanties.

  5. I love Julie's bathroom set. I want to buy it but hoping to get it on sale.

  6. I didn't realize that the walls weren't plastic. I like the blue toilet water and I love the hair towel!