Friday, April 21, 2017

AG Podcast on Doll Ethnicity

The person talks about their experience going to the store and looking for an Asian American doll. The people that make the podcast, all discuss the situation from a marketing and business point of view. It was interesting. 

The American Girl segment starts at around 15:14 and ends at 30:00 or 31:00. They do mention American Girl in the remaining segments, but briefly and as part of an example. 



  1. I really love their points they make. If Z does look asian, it simply is not "asian enough". But yeah, I love their new take on the Z doll.

  2. This was nice to hear. As a mother and consumer it bothers me to think that the doll world has not come farther to address and embrace girls of all cultures in an authentic way. Authentic meaning various face molds and colors. Melody is great but she is one out of two AA dolls out of how many other dolls? If I counted all the other dolls would it embarrass the company if a girl asked for one more AA doll? Why is it too much to ask for an Asian doll who actually looks Asian? With the dolls being over $100 AG should be able to afford the mold. Even Logan should have had his own mold different from the Kaya one. It would have made him more unique. When I see him I just see a lighter Kaya with short dyed hair. A lot of people speak on the idea of having more diverse dolls and not recycled ones...nice try AG. I can just hear the laughter and smugness now of a marketing rep talking about how that is what they get for having the nerve to ask for just one more AA doll after Melody. Why shouldn't people ask for more since we invest in more. It's a shame.