Saturday, March 11, 2017

*REVIEW* Elizabeth Outfit for Summer


I love this outfit for Elizabeth! 

It is a beautiful pastel green with a few pink and cream details.  The hat is beautiful but has yellowed over the years.
The shoes are cream colored kitten hills with a black heeled sole. 
Material on the dress is a quilt like thick material unlike her meet outfit which is too thin for my liking. 
Meet earrings look great with this set.  Cannot wait for Felicity to join our family soon!!!


  1. Elizabeth looks very pretty in the dress. Her hair style is pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this dress. It is one of the few authentic Felicity/Elizabeth items we own. Madelon

  3. Breathtakingly Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You must have her BFF.

  4. I have always thought Elizabeth was beautiful! Would love to add her to my collection! Such a pretty outfit!

  5. THIS is the dress Elizabeth should have been released in - so pretty! And it goes so well with her skintone, rather than her loud colored meet outfit. Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  6. Thanks everyone! When I made the choice to not buy anymore AG dolls I had to also decide not to buy Felicity. Her collection is amazing and I would love to complete the best friends set but it's just the principle of everything AG has done to the GOTY line, permanent underwear, and change in quality over the dolls cloth bodies. I would love to pick out my own Felicity but since that is not an option it is better for me to just buy the collection and give it to Elizabeth. Plus Elizabeth is Pleasant Company and I just love the quality of her as a doll that I miss when I look at my Beforever Samantha.