Thursday, March 23, 2017

OG Arizona and AG Tenney Share Clothes

Our Generation Arizona share her clothes with Tenney.

Denim top and lacy skirt remind me of Tenney's picnic outfit.

The hat would be cute for the beach.

My Tenney has a 2014 body copyright tag.

Here, Tenney wears the dress and hat.

Tenney wears her own shoes.

I think she looks cute.


  1. That looks really good on Tenney. And Arizona looks like a real cutie too.

    1. Thanks. On the lookout for trendy Nashville pre-teen style clothes for dolls. Any ideas of where to look? Madelon

    2. I'm trying to think.

      Lemon Bay Doll Company just posted beautiful dresses (and coordinating guitar and banjo cases) on Instagram, and are selling them. Very cute!

      Etsy in general. I can't say specific sellers, we've been buying mostly WW clothing lately. The kids haven't been interested in Tenney or her collection.

      Have you checked Sophia's or Emily Rose or AFW clothes?

      If Tenney does well, Justice might release some doll stuff like that in the fall. I think it's trying to get into the market. I know they have clothes for Gabriela. But Justice also does the romantic look so it may be one to watch.

  2. That outfit looks incredible on Tenny. She is the rightful owner in my mind. Loving Tenny Grant.

  3. Thanks so much! Madelon