Friday, March 3, 2017

*NEWS* Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl 1603 - NYC Toy Fair Reveal - A Girl for All Time

I'm in LOVE! She is so beautiful!

New face mold. Dying to see the costumes. 

Beautiful Bex is already a BIG HIT! 

Looking forward to the kickstarter this fall from A Girl for All Time.


  1. Bex is gorgeous. And Elinor is also really pretty. I think they will be very popular and a wildly successful kick starter.

    Honestly, the original AGFAT dolls are a little too delicate looking for my taste, but last year's two new dolls and now these two? I like them a lot.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Elinor´s new sculpt reminds me a lot of Robert Tonner´s My Imagination line.

  3. I love A Girl For All Time. The characters are well crafted with beautiful and detailed stories that help girls learn British History like American Girl used to do for us (I think AGFAT stories have even more detail to them though).

  4. Interesting new face mould for Elinor, though I'm not sure I like it yet - unlike Nisha and Bex whose faces I immediately liked. I always assumed that there was supposed to be a Marchmont family resemblance (all the historical girls plus Maya) and that was why they had distinctive faces, especially their noses, and were not quite to my taste. But Elinor is very different and yet presumably still from the same family.

    Maybe it's because Elinor's expression is rather blank, whereas the other AGAT dolls seem to look directly at you with their own expression (Nisha is pensive and a bit wistful, Bex is determined and serious). It could be Elinor's dark eyes in contrast with her pale face that does that, perhaps.