Friday, March 17, 2017

Madelon's Colonial Collection - Part Two

Felicity goes flower picking.

Baskets were big in colonial time.

 She sets the table with her flowers.

Treats from Miniare - I used a pink rimmed dish like Felicity's tea set.

Use small detailed cordial glasses.

And look for small glasses that have a hand blown feel.


  1. Madelon, what a nice Colonial collection for Felicity. I have a couch very similar to yours for my Felicity, except that it is green instead of blue.

    1. Thank you Linda. I would love to see photos of your colonial furniture. Madelon

  2. Lovely! I didn't realize Williamsburg had mini Sarah dolls! I love that collection.

  3. Thank you! I think those mini dolls are great. Madelon

  4. I really like the flower picking photo. And is the mini peach really fuzzy? It looks so real! I like seeing the fliptop table in action too. And I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could make such tiny woven baskets.

  5. I love her garments. Fabulousness

  6. This collection is very sweet. It really shows off Felicity and works well with her. Beautiful dress too. It really shows off her eyes and hair. It's amazing how one doll collection can look like something out of anowhere American History museum. I think that is what we all want to pass down to our children. These pieces that you have collected remind me also of how gorgeous Cecile and Marie Grace and how their China looked as well as other pieces in their collection. Thank you.