Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Linda's Felicity Collection

2005 Traveling Gown became the new meet outfit.
The shift was changed to velcro up the back and have a fixed neckline without elastic, to fit under dresses.

The stockings were now made with knit fabric.
The shoes are now shaped to fit each foot and can't be swapped left for right.

Hair ribbon changed to a white satin ribbon with V cut ends; about 18" in length. 


Felicity's Bed and Bedding $98 (also known as the Tall-Post Bed with Tester) 1991 later retired 2011 with Felicity's archival. 

The Dressing Table $32 (also known as the Colonial Dressing Table) 1991 later retired 2008


  1. Your collection is lovely. Madelon

  2. I love your Felicity collection! Everything looks beautiful together, so detailed and everything a person would want to have for a doll like this. Keeping my fingers crossed for more new items for Felicity.

  3. Thanks Linda for sharing. It is nice to know the differences for those looking in the secondary market. The bed and dresser as so nicely made.

    I think it is interesting that AG chose to change Felicity's eyebrows, from line to feathered.

  4. I hated when they switched from the original meet dress to this one. I still loathe this dress for the historical inaccuracy of it. The purple dye was an extremely expensive dye during this time period and only royalty and high aristocrats could afford such fabric. Hence the name "Royal Purple." It's the colour of royalty. There's no way Mr. Merriman could have afforded the purple dye, especially not for an everyday gown for a nine-year-old girl who will 1) outgrow the dress and 2) that likes to romp around acting like a boy so that the dress would need repairs, costing more money for expensive purple fabric, and then probably wouldn't be much good as a hand-me-down for Nan.

    Felicity is my absolute favourite doll, I've had her since I was five, and that's why this bothers me so much.

    1. That's really interesting! I didn't know that before.

  5. So well made - it looks like real human furniture! But I agree with Canadian Cowgirl - the colors of Felicity's dresses always bothered me (and Elizabeth's as well) - because it would have been difficult to obtain those rich colors, fabrics back then. Even her newly released dress bothers me - although pretty, it looks like something Marie Antoinette would wear, not something a little girl would...Sigh.