Sunday, March 12, 2017

*In Store Report* Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Sally's Beauty Supply

Hot Topic

Barnes and Noble

Disney Store


  1. Thank you for sharing. The Beauty and Beast clothes are pretty. We like the tea set, but wish the face wasn't on it. The last doll pictures of Belle and the prince. are very nice, so much attention to detail. Are those dolls made by Hasbro? I saw an article that Disney contracted with Jakks to make the bigger dolls. I saw some bigger (toddler type) Disney dolls for Moana in the stores that are made by Jakks, which I thought were previously made by Mattel.

    Back in 2013, we were in NYC. That was our introduction to AG. I was looking for places to go that would interest the girls and saw AG. My girls loved AG and wanted me to buy dolls that day. We bought mini dolls instead. We also went to Disney store. There is an escalator that took you to the second floor. Hanging over the escalator were the lanterns from the movie Rapunzel. It was so pretty. They got to the second floor and saw the castle, like the one in your picture, and my youngest squealed with delight. They still remember that trip, and want to go back, on our next trip back east.

  2. Love the Disney Store backdrops for their B&B items - so fairy tale-like. And am excited that other stores such as Hot Topic are carrying products as well. One of my sons bought me a little bag with Beauty/Beast on it that I always carry in my purse; every time I bring it out, I get complimented on it - every time! He got it at Walgreens ^_^

  3. Oh my, the ivory coat with the embroidery and rose buttons is lovely!