Sunday, February 26, 2017



TAYLOR GUITARS® AND AMERICAN GIRL® announce special edition guitar for singer/songwriter character, Tenney Grant™

Taylor Guitars and American Girl have teamed up to collaborate on a special edition life-size Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar that matches the doll-size version for American Girl’s newest contemporary character, Tenney Grant, a singer-songwriter from Nashville. To support the project and the musical development of young boys and girls, Taylor will donate $100 for every American Girl GS Mini guitar sold to charity partner Notes for Notes, a non-profit organization that designs, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

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  1. I do love that guitar. Do I love it $700 plus taxes & shipping, when no one in my family plays? That is a very large investment.

  2. Maybe it will go on sale! Madelon

  3. My daughter loves the guitar and is set on saving up for it. She has wanted to take guitar lessons and loves to sing. She has a nice voice. I had looked for a place locally where she could take lessons for both, but the price for lessons is so high. Someone gave us other suggestions, and this guitar is the tipping point for her. Just like all the other dolls she has, each one's character is similar to her. So far Tenney, isn't any different. She loves that the guitar is blue her favorite color and most of Tenney's outfits are a little country, just what she likes. I thought about calling Taylor and finding out how long they anticipate the guitar being sold.

  4. This just mskes my face split - big grin! At 599 direct from Taylor it is on par with others, Bob Taylor has a fine product and this just makes me happy. This can impact a lot of children and get them interested in the Universal Language, applause from this peanut gallery.
    I will be buying one for myself - my little plain Taylor was the same price. Sounds and plays so sweetly. Encouraging for beginners.

    Despite my ambivalence over many assorted issues with AG there really is no way I can avoid adding Tenney to my doll family.

    1. Thank you for your input! Knowing nothing about guitars I can just say, oh it's pretty. Its so helpful to know its actually a piece worth spending the money on!

  5. My Daughter wants this, so by Christmas, I must. I am extremely pleased with the Doll sized one enough to purchase two. So this is a must, and very exciting to see my Daughter take a interest. I pray to have this before the Movie comes out. Sure hope the offer free shipping.