Friday, February 3, 2017

*REVIEW* Truly Me Sparkly Jazz Outfit

The sparkly jazz outfit is being retired and I bought it for $20.

Your girl can get her doll ready for the spotlight! This fun outfit includes:
  • A bright-red dance dress with a sequined bodice and stretchy shorts attached underneath the two-tiered ruffled chiffon skirt
  • Sparkly fingerless gloves to add pizzazz
  • A glittery golden neckband
  • A chiffon hair accessory
  • Glittery golden jazz shoes



  1. It's a cute outfit. I think it would look even better if they also covered the shoulder and upper chest area with the chiffon material. Thank you for the review. Off the subject, I took out the braid of my new Josephina doll and was very disappointed with the cut of her hair. Although it was a perfect braid in the back, her hair cannot be worn down because it is not cut evenly. It is long on each side, but is chopped in the middle almost three of four inches shorter, and looks terrible. Even in side braids, the long hair cannot be braided all the way down because of large chunks of hair sticking out. I called AG and they couldn't tell me if this is the way her wig should be. Looks like the only way she can wear her hair is in the one braid. Does anyone else have this problem?

    1. I don't have this problem, it is beautiful down on Ours.

    2. I ran into this concern with my Ag 46 and Josefina. It is frustrating because each doll is different and you never know what you are going to get with the doll wigs. I usually just recurl the shorter hair in smaller curls with 46 and with Josefina I usually do a 1/2 up 1/2 down hairdo. I gave up on braiding. The good news is that there are lots of hair styles that would look great on her at the hair salon. I just copy those.

  2. What a beautiful outfit! Thank you for sharing this review with us.

  3. She is ready for the Valentine's Day recital!

  4. Love this outfit. Highly Recommended it. We have it on Our Custom Misty Copeland Ballerina

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love this outfit simply because of the colors and sequins. Knowing me the bow could always be bigger and better, but it is a bow no less. I really like it on this particular doll more so than any other. It looks really nice with her skin tone and curly hair. I would have loved to see black tap shoes, hat and cane with this outfit as an extra accessory similar to the ballet set this past year or two. Since AG is into dance and cowgirl themes it would be nice to see more accessories for these themed items.

  6. My eldest daughter has always loved this outfit! I never realized how detailed the shoes are. Very nice!