Monday, February 27, 2017

*REVIEW* Truly Me Easter Basket

Girls can hide a special Easter basket for their dolls! This set includes:
  • A pretty white doll-sized basket
  • Pretend grass
  • A faux-chocolate bunny
  • A fabric bunny
  • A pretend set of eggs
  • Play jelly beans
  • A doll necklace and gift box
  • A card and envelope
  • A sheet of stickers for personalization

It comes with 11 pieces. The basket is made out of a rubbery plastic material. It comes with a sheet of silver glittery letter stickers.

The bunny necklace to put in the gift box.

The basket has green paper grass with a pink bow tied around the handle and egg shaped bag. There's a fabric bunny, a pretend chocolate bunny, a gift box, a necklace, a cluster of jelly beans, 3 eggs stuck together, and a card with an envelope.

I recommend buying this for your dolls.

This is a really cute basket full of lots of goodies!


  1. Hi,

    What a cute set! I know American Girl has had their ups and downs lately, but this is definitely an up. Great review!

    Maybe someone here can help me. Has anyone ever heard of the Heritage Signature Collection? I was just gifted a doll this morning and I'm trying to learn more about her. She came in her original box with a certificate of authenticity, but I have been able to find very little about the company. Her name is Kaitlyn (according to her box). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how old she is and a little more about the company!

    Thanks a ton, Jenni Rose

  2. This has not made its way to the AGDC store, but it looks cute. The bunny reminds me of the bunny from Kit's Easter set of a few years ago. Madelon

    1. I think that you are right about the chocolate bunny being the one from Kit's set. I looked at this set at the AG store a week ago and felt that it was way overpriced at $28.00. I thought that it was a great idea but lacking quality. I already have the chocolate bunny and that may have influence me too. I was really unhappy about the eggs being stuck together and the look of the jelly beans. I think that most people could make the felt bunny and pick up maybe a nicer basket.
      This was a great review and wonderful pictures! Sharon

  3. So cute...thanks for the review.:) I'm wondering if the basket glitter rubs off? Not a big fan of glitter on anything.;)

  4. I'd love to get this whenever it gets old and goes on sale.

  5. Thanks for the review, Shelly! I was curious about what was actually in the set. The embroidered carrot and feet on the stuffed bunny are very cute and an unexpected surprise!