Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The PWP works well for Gabriella color scheme.

Could be a tennis or play dress.

It looks like it is for an older doll without the leggings.

Clear plastic oval sewn on.

With her two meet tops and shoes.

The sparkle in the leggings matches the sparkle in "dream".


  1. I love that outfit! I definitely agree that the dress could be a tennis dress.

  2. I am totally in love with the pwp. Praying to get 3 sets. It is Stunningly Beautiful. My only thought is why did they not make it the same but picked Valentine's Day Colors Like Pink and Red, instead of the BLUE AND GREEN COMBINATION. LOVE IT, BUT SMARTER FOR THEM TO HAVE VALENTINE'S GOODS. THANKS FOR SHARING.

  3. That is a good point. In the past they have had a Santa/Christmas themed PWP at Christmas. The pictures look like the dress is light blue, with darker blue strip and a purplish blue skirt.; thanks for saying that there is green in the outfit. So now I understand how it matches Gabriela's colors. Thanks for clearing up the colors. Online, they have it modeled on a doll that looks similar to Gabriela. Williams-Sonoma is selling an adult, girl, and doll valentine apron.

  4. Bought this PWP for our Bitty Babies/Twins. It fits well and looks nice on them too!

    I love the sparkle in the leggings. I wish there were some kind of sleeves on the top.

    Ariel2Belle - love the new aprons!! Those heart pockets... I wish AG would put either more Velcro, or better yet metal rings, for the neck strap. The sizing is so limited as is, and for $30-40, to not have it is ridiculous.

  5. I noticed one of the PWPs matched Lea's colors perfectly. I think that is kind of a neat marketing idea. No sleeves on my outfit either. :-) thank you for sharing, Madelon.
    ~ Xyra