Sunday, February 26, 2017

*NEWS* Our Generation® Deluxe Doll - Denelle™

Ok, LOOK at this! Adorable new AA with the Neveah face mold. These girls are listed as Denelle. 

So cute $34.99


  1. So glad to see this face mold getting some use too! Love the curls!

  2. Anyone else think the top photo has been digitally altered? Posable OG dolls' legs don't look like that when they bend at the knee.

    The two dolls pictured also look slightly different - the one on the left has slightly darker hair which is covering her forehead more and makes the face look a bit different.

    1. I think you are right about the legs being photoshopped in the top picture.

  3. I think the darker haired Denelle is super cute! And I love her outfit. The hair reminds me of our Madame Alexander It's My Style doll. If its anything like our MA doll, the hair will be very soft and brushable, even though it's so curly.

  4. I think the darker haired one is a different doll. Deidra perhaps?