Tuesday, February 14, 2017

*NEWS* American Girl Reveals Nashville Dolls

Nashville's newest aspiring artist is young, blonde and plastic.

On Thursday, new American Girl doll, Tenney Grant, hits stores. As with all American Girl dolls, Tenney comes with a story: she's a singer-songwriter pursuing her dreams in Music City. In developing Tenney's character, American Girl and author Kellen Hertz consulted with Erika Wollam Nichols, who runs the Bluebird Cafe, and artist manager Denise Stiff, who's worked with Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, among others. They also searched for singer-songwriters to compose music inspired by the doll. Songs were chosen from nine girls and will be featured in the "Tenney" books as well as on American Girl's YouTube channel.

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  1. None of my kids is interested in Tenney, but we are looking forward to Logan. Relieved he doesn't have permanent underwear.

    We likely won't purchase any of the outfits, since they use the new packaging. Not sure if any of the accessories will appeal to the kiddos.

  2. I don't get why she's a country singer. There are so many female country singer/guitar players. Why not inspire girls do be different and play the electric guitar and have a rock n roll band?

    1. Learning the guitar is best done on an accoustic. It is an excellent introduction to other stringed instruments. As a musician and a mother of two/grandmother of six - I like her.

      The color of the guitar is eye catching and will appeal. She is a brown eyed blonde with freckles - lovely shade on her hair.

    2. Oops, I wanted to add that the boy doll is also something I am happy to see.

  3. I play guitar myself (both electric and acoustic) as well as piano. When I first started learning guitar, I used both (depending if I was in a Johnny Cash mood or Nirvana). Anyway, my main point is: there aren't many girl rock bands. And I think it's cliche to have the sweet, country girl, strumming away on her guitar, when you can have a girl rocking out and writing solos.

  4. There is a dearth of female guitarists, here is an opportunity. Our Generation has a Rock Star with ʻLaylaʻ and AGFAT is releasing Bex who wants to start a band, so this makes sense on many levels.
    Adding the Banjo is very good.

    I perused their page now that itʻs all up. I checked out the video and frankly was doing well until that point. Interesting to me that Tenneyʻs guitar is a Taylor and the girl in the video plays a Martin. The video wrecked my morning, hurt my ears and has made me rethink a few things. Definitely not my style, but with a message of ʻself expressionʻ and being true to yourself it seemed prime - she will need thick skin.