Sunday, February 19, 2017

*In Store Report* Tenney and Logan Launch - AGP NY

I took my girls to AG place N.Y. today for brunch and to check out Tenney's launch event. Here are a few more pictures of the giveaways, the young performers (who were very talented!) and other things.

 I also took another picture of Tenney's stage to show that both Logan and Tenney do fit on it together. I remember someone asking about that.
 The birthday song is from the inside of the guitar craft.

For Tenney's launch, we received a t- shirt, and for Lea's a cute sarong. However, for Gabriela we received a notebook and a heart shaped cookie with music notes on it. I do wish they would've just waited another year and given Gabriela a proper launch.
 What was cool was that they had a spoken word poetry session, as well as the model used for Gabriela's books in the store.


  1. I wish they had given Gabriela a proper launch, too. Madelon

  2. I am very frustrated by the way they handled Gabriela. What were they thinking? The difference between the cardboard backdrop (Gabriela) and the stage (Tenny) is just SO obvious. What is the message AG is sending?

  3. Thanks for sharing. The stores do a great job with the displays. Tenny's stage looks really nice. Thanks for taking a picture of both on the stage.

    A lot of people agree about Gabriela. It is sad. Personally, I don't see how AG can look at themselves and not see that they created a bad situation, and paint themselves as being a bit discriminating. Of course it depends on how you see it. In the movie there is a scene where Melody looks at a doll display where there are several white dolls and only two black dolls. Someone on AGFB has said their 10 year old daughter asked why Gabriela has a small section and Tenney is out front. Someone else pointed out that GOTY is typically in that same spot and size, for all GOTYs, so it isn't something that was done on purpose. Young girls see the movie, and see the AG store; what are they seeing and learning from this?

  4. What is going on with AG and the dolls? First there was the permanent-pants, then someone posted the squishy face and limbs and a weird permanent-pants. That same person posted a video because AG said the photos looked photoshopped. Then someone posted picture or video of Maryellen with a squishy face and limb. This all died down with the AGFB live video. Now, on LADL is the picture of Willa with a squished/mashed face. I've gently tried this on my Willa, and the only way it would go in that far and stay is with a lot of force. So, if the box isn't damaged, was it packaged that way? Now there is the fabric issue with Felicity. There are at least two people that have posted pictures, and one of them saying the legs are loose, so loose that the doll won't stand and this won't do because her daughter does stop motion. Today there is one person saying that Logan's pants won't stay up and posted a picture, and someone else posted they manipulated the stuffing in Logan and his pants fit tight.

    I didn't realize they changed the fabric for the torso. Back in December, there was a post of an Isabelle that split in two. I don't remember AG's response. With the perma-pants, I have thought that the seam connecting the panties to the skin color would be a weak spot.

    1. I have only had a squishy faced problem with a non-American Girl who I left in the car on an extremely hot day. Madelon

  5. These are the first photos where I do not like Logan. His wig is really strange.

    So I pointed out to someone that Gabriela is the first GOTY to use poetry and participate in spoken word. And then I see Tenney's story about how she expresses her feelings through her songs. Um, that is sooooooo not cool!

    I understand a lot of time goes into getting the GOTY and her collection together so seeing Tenney wo well outfitted and Gabriela so not we can presume a great, last minute switcheroo happened. Gabriella deserves much, much better. Of course, considering most national media will mention weather or happenings in NY and DC and skip completely over Philadelphia...Mattel is following along. Another smack in the face for the birthplace of the U.S.A.