Thursday, January 26, 2017

*In Store Report* PWP AGP Houston

We are totally in love with the new PWP. $14.00. No shoes, but the headband is included which I love.



 The colors are fantastic. Can't wait to get three sets. We got Gabriela Performance Case only, but will go back for this Outfit. 

 Sadly there is absolutely positively so signs of Valentines in the Store, no hearts anywhere. Made me sad, but the PWP set did make me light up.

The previous PWP is available for $10.00 now.


  1. Great to see this! And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RHONDA today! Madelon

  2. Thanks for sharing. So nice to see pictures of the outfits. The online pictures sometimes don't give as much detail as these photos do. Thank you for taking the time to take photos and share them.

    In addition to a valentine outfit, they had Valentine set with a centerpiece, banner and not sure what else. One year they had a t-shirt and dog outfit. I bought the t-shirts and dog outfit. The items were cute, so maybe they didn't have enough sales of the Valentine sets, so they aren't offering them?

  3. I like this PWP. The colors are lovely and I personally appreciate that the cloth body is covered. I don't think it's as good a value as the Snow Good to See You outfit, though.

    That's sad about the lack of Valentine's Day decor. I'd guess it's because the release of Tenney and Logan are so close to the holiday though, that the store is skipping Valentine's for the dolls' debut.