Sunday, December 25, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Pet Care Play set

We rate Targets Pet Care Play set a Perfect 100. It is soooo adorable. The Dog Bowl is absolutely incredible and made us want it tremendously. Luxurious for a Doggie!!!!!. 

This was a generous gift, to Bo, Melody's Dog. We also gave him a red bow around his neck this Christmas. 

Our American Girl Doll's sure do love shopping at Target for Our Generation Brand goodies and receiving them as gift is even more incredible. Thanks for this gift @prtaina_india from Instagram. 

Melody looks good in everything red that American Girl has ever made for Christmas, check her out in their last two years pwp Christmas outfits. Sure wish they did a new one for this year in Red.


  1. Very cute set! OG really has some great sets at an affordable price!