Saturday, December 10, 2016

*REVIEW* Leighton Doll - Pottery Barn

Here are more pics of Leighton and the Little Chef Doll Outfit. It is on their Pottery Barn Kids website. They are having sales on dolls and accessories so now is their season to scoop up a deal on this line which can be quite pricey.

They stitching on their apron is adorable and goes really well with Leighton's meet outfit. They apron fits easily over her cream sweater. They chef hat also fits very well on her head.

Love the material and details of this outfit. 

Leighton their doll has great hair, no wig cap sewn in hair. Shoes and dress are very chic. She would make a great first doll...easy hair to style and clothing is not too fancy for little hands.

Great products.


  1. Thank you Ticia. A very pretty doll. Is her body like AG, or does she have a breastplate? I have found my dolls with breastplates have a tendency not to stand well. I guess they might be top heavy.

  2. Nope Linda, you are in luck. These dolls' bodies are exactly like AGs. Now I know the reference to Gotz and Pleasant Rowland. Even Leighton's eyes are very similar to my white body Molly. Except the lashes on Gotz dolls are like Mattel AG dolls. She stands really well and I find her to be sturdier than my AG dolls. They stuffing in her cloth body feels more dense than AG making her feel heavier to carry. Hope this helps.

  3. I got Emma on sale. It's a beautiful doll with a very cute outfit.

    1. Yes. She is very pretty. I love her outfit.

  4. Gotz dolls are so pretty! I want one!

  5. The equestrian doll is gorgeous, too. Madelon