Sunday, December 25, 2016

*Reader Photos* Dressed for the Holidays

Hi! Here are my pictures of my dolls dressed for the holidays.
It took a couple of days to get every one dressed and polished for their holidays, but the girls are ready to party!
Kirsten has her holiday goodies all ready to share
Kaya joins Ivy and Julie for festivities while my newest doll Zhilan (a #4) was thrilled to be invited too.
Josefina and Ramona model Josefina's original and newest holiday outfits and Caroline is ready to hang up some stockings.
Samantha and Jaya show how Samantha's outfits have changed from Pleasant Company to BeForever while Nellie is lovely in her plaid frock.
Maryellen is visiting Molly and Emily and can't wait to help open Molly's care package from her father.
Ruthie and Kit are trying to convince Melody to sing a song for them for the holidays.
Felicity and Elizabeth were thrilled Setsuna came in time for the ball.
Eabha is excited to learn more about Jewish traditions from Lindsey and Rebecca.
Addy is enjoying some New Orleans hospitality with Marie-Grace and Cecile.
Mr. Snowman, Jess, Nicki, Grace, Saige, Kanani, Mallaidh, Mia, Lanie, Lea, McKenna, Isabelle, Marisol, Beata, and Amelia are ready to rock!
The rooms are decorated in an understated way.
The whole shebang! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and peace on earth!

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