Sunday, November 6, 2016

*Reader Photos* WellieWisher Willa

Got my first WellieWisher at Kohl's.

Sweet expression.

Close up of Willa's face. Fixed eyes with painted lashes.



  1. She is soooooo, beautiful. They did a awesome job on her. Hope-Faith loves Willa. Congratulations

  2. What a beautiful doll. I think that Willa would make a great sister for Maryellen.

  3. Willa is much loved in our household. I agree with Maxine; AG really did an amazing job on the WellieWishers. Willa's hair has really held up too. She's been on many adventures and hundreds of little girl salon visits, and her hair is still manageable and easy to finger curl. I can't wait to see what adventures your Willa will go on, Madelon!