Saturday, November 5, 2016

*NEWS* Truly Me Fancy Frost Holiday Ballgown


In a previous post we mentioned the new holiday dress for 2016. The Fancy Frosty Ballgown is in the Canadian Chapters catalogue!
Thank you Jacqueline for the photo!
Well, whose buying this?


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  2. Ok. It will be available on the 19th. So pretty

  3. Very excited to see it in person. I love these special store exclusives every year.

  4. Replies
    1. Maybe it's made with real Swarovaki crystal?

  5. Lots of things to say:

    1.) This is Canadian currency, I've heard it's $58 in the USA

    2.) I've heard the US American Girl stores are getting this a week early (November 10)

    3.) I had HIGH hopes for this outfit but was left extremely disappointed (by this outfit and all AG Christmas 2016 formal wear.) The cape looks tacky and cheap to me and the gloves and muff look out of place. I just can't justify the price if I don't love everything. The dress itself is very pretty though.

    I purchased the Happy Holiday Dress (Blue Christmas 2014 dress) off Amazon brand new for less than eBay. It's clearly the best Christmas dress AG has done in years.

    The 2016 penguin PJs and Christmas Eve Set are very cute and were also purchased. AG did well with those things IMO.