Tuesday, November 8, 2016

*NEWS* Amazing Holiday Sets - OG


Our Generation Winter Wonderland Sled

Packed with holiday delights, this sled delivers charm and cheer! This elegant set will inspire hours of play as your little one can pretend that their dolls are dashing through the snow! It includes a cream- coloured Winter Wonderland Sled that has a horse driving harness so that a horse can be attached (horse sold separately). The set also includes a functional lantern, a pair of mittens and a fur blanket to keep your doll warm (doll sold separately).

  • Contents: Horse sled, sled trunk, harness shafts, horse driving harness, thermos, functional lantern, fur blanket, pillow and a pair of mittens
  • Doll, horse and outfit sold separately

While these sets are not available in the USA as of yet, its been rumored the sleigh set will be $49.99.

Our Generation Holiday Accessory Set

Celebrate the holidays with this elegant Our Generation Holiday Accessory Set! This charming and cheerful set comes with a functional fireplace and also a functional Christmas tree to top off the festive feeling! The set also includes two Christmas presents, Christmas stockings, candles, a letter to Santa, a plate with cookies and other accessories. This Our Generation Holiday Accessory Set has everything you need for a fantastic holiday season! (Doll sold separately)

  • Contents: Fireplace, Christmas tree with base, string of lights, star tree topper, 9 ornaments, Christmas presents with lids, stockings, painting, candles, letter to Santa, plate, cookies and milk
  • Batteries included: 6 x AA batteries

This set is rumored to be $74.99 

LADL will let you know when these items will become available in USA stores.


  1. These sets look superb but OG is behind on the holiday season stock big times this year. The stores shelves have old merchandise and the website does too. They better make a big push by Thanksgiving!

  2. Love these sets, especially the fireplace one. Love that OG has two stockings, two presents, two drinks. I refuse to buy American girl products that only come with food/items for one doll like Grace's bistro set., Samantha's Patio Set, etc. All my kids have more than one doll so we have been purchasing more OG accessory sets and they have been great. Hopefully they will be available soon.

  3. LOVE both! I like the AG carriage, because of the wheels. The rails on the sleigh look thin, so I would want to see in person before buying, but the price of the sleigh is more affordable. We took a piece of acrylic, the AG winter scene, and white felt. We put them together to make an ice skating scene. The carriage would be a nice addition to the scene. I think the fireplace is something that can be created with cardboard and scrapbook paper, and LADL had posted all the items Hobby Lobby has for Christmas tree. In addition, to what Diana has said, some of the stores don't get all of the current items. There isn't another way to purchase these items.

  4. I love the Xmas scene, but $75 seems a bit high for what's included.

  5. I can't wait to get these! Madelon

  6. I'm not really an OG fan, but that Christmas Fireplace set is amazing and AG is stupid for not doing something like that.

  7. I just purchased the winter sleigh set at a Target in Melbourne Florida. It was the only one there in the Our Generation section, it was priced at $39.99.

    1. Wow! Hope it comes up north soon. We are usually a month behind, at least. Can you share some photos if you feel that's appropriate? Madelon

  8. Ahhhhh! I was just saying to the girls it would be wonderful if they would make some holiday-themed doll items for our doll's "house." We make our own, but we would love some special little extras! Eeek! So excited...will see if these are available in Canada yet!

  9. Just want to say that all this sets are available at Target.com now!!!