Wednesday, November 9, 2016

*In Store Report* New OG Limited Edition Dolls

I sent Diana on the look out for these Limited Edition dolls and she has this report!
These are found in the larger Target stores with the large OG shops. Each doll is $59.99.
All vinyl body.

DCPI 086-09-0554
DCPI 086-09-0555



  1. Both are stunningly. But I only want everything they have on them. Not the Doll's. I only have eyes for American Girl Brand Dolls. ( Also no more space). I do love these 2 Beauty's

  2. Ugly. If they could make s pretty face, they would rule the doll market. If they could get their products out there for buyers

  3. The first one looks terrifying. The second one I want really badly because they modeled her after Disney's Fawn from the latest Tinker Bell movie.

  4. These look cool! Kind of pricey, but there's that 20% coupon floating around. I cant decide which one I like better...Oriana's Frozen gown or Aurelia's gold body paint accents.

  5. I love the idea of fantasy dolls from OG but Battat swung and missed on this one...that face! Scary fantasy!

  6. OG is really branching out. Like the new looks. Madelon

  7. I showed these to my 7 year old daughter and she loves them😍 And she has mostly AG dolls. Something else for under the tree this year!

  8. I agree. OG is really looking at what customers are buying and wanting. Not everyone is going to like or buy every doll they manufacture; however, they are still providing consumers with a great variety if products to choose from without fail.

  9. Totally awesome of Diana to do this!!
    Wow! I didn't see this coming. Yet, I love the idea. These are so different from their usual dolls that they could be very interesting and fun. (And traditionally, I've been more into dolls with a no-makeup, barefaced look. For costume ballet, though, this would be a normal look!!) I'd love to see pics of these out of the box.

  10. Huh. I have not seen these in Canada yet.

    I"m torn whether they are cute or creepy. Avery really likes the first one--Oriana with her frozen ice princess look. I think I need to see more photos!

    Also, what was the price of these one compared with a basic OG doll?