Saturday, October 29, 2016

*REVIEW* (Substitute) Josefina Toy Farm

I found it!  Since AG has not made a replacement for Josefina's beloved toy farm I have been patiently waiting for any kind of Beforever accessory similar to older PC ones. Now I have found something to help fill the void. Gone are most of the cute items...telescope, desk, turtle, Christmas accessories, piano, birthday set and Mexican flag - gone.

A company called Janod, product called Multikub "farm":  has created a toy farm.

I have included my PC Josefina and AG Pre Be forever Josefina to model it so you can see the size and scale. 

I love this set! You can stack the blocks or leave them on ground level. 

The farm stacking blocks are card board but the farmer, cow, donkey, bunny and chicken are wooden. The boxes are sturdy so it is fine that it is not wooden. When you are done, just like a nesting doll you just put them all together, tuck them one inside the other and put away. Graphics are so detailed and colorful which reminds me of Mexico and Mexican themes in art. 

This is perfect for my dolls due to the lack of items left in the AG Josefina collection. 

Here are the different angles of the boxes. Each side has a different picture. So much to love with this set.

 Hope you like this idea. I bought this online and it has really lived up to my expectations.