Tuesday, October 18, 2016

*REVIEW* Rebecca's BF Menorah/Dreidel Set

Here is a review of this new revamped set for Rebecca's Beforever collection.  Menorah/dreidel set $36.

This set is very heavy...do not let the size fool you. The only plastic in this set are the candles. Everything else is some kind of metal material with the menorah and the dreidel being the heaviest pieces. The gelt, which are the coins are really cute and come in three faux coins, one dime, two pennies. 

If Rebecca is not a part of one's home, any doll will do. Here is GT or JLY 9 August featured with the set also. 

This set is cute for the holidays for celebrating Hanukkah or for Rebecca's collection. I remember explaining all of the special holidays to my family including Kwanzaa, so this would make a great teaching tool for celebrating diversity. On another note AG used to have a Kwanzaa set too and a Chinese New Year set. Both sets came complete with outfits.

Now AG just needs to bring back mancala for Addy and I will be all set.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! Madelon

  2. We are praying to get it. Another American Girl Doll Fan 14 and have Jewish explianed Hanukkah to Hope-Faith last December and she had to have last year set. I know she wants this one too.

  3. Thank you for all your nice comments. I love learning about different cultures and holidays. So glad this helped. Hope to add a Kwanzaa set to the collection soon...AG you can do it again.

  4. is this set replacing the Hanukkah set? this one seems to be twice the price for the same thing or less actually