Wednesday, October 26, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Row Your Boat Set

The set comes with a hat to protect from the sun two butterfly shaped sandwiches a picnic basket tortilla chips and salsa two grapefruit juices in glass look bottles three pillows to oars one fishing pole with fish attached one life vest one bucket for bait a string of lights that actually light up and a place to plug them in within the boat and there's a switch to turn it off and on.  

The lights themselves can be disconnected. A string of buoys and anchor an empty glass bottle with a message inside A blanket A life-saving ring you may wish to look up the actual name and there's a rope attached to it so you can throw it out should someone fall overboard. I'm also pleasantly surprised at the size of this boat it's not that large if you take your doll and sit her down and measure from her bottom to her feet that's how wide it is and then you can tuck her feet under the seat in back or bow of the ship upfront and put two dolls on board.  The batteries for the lights are included it uses three AA. There's also a warning on the bottom not to place your boat in actual water.  Which is likely best for the safety of your dolls!

Made of plastic. They have a lot of small details and working parts making either a great choice. I just adore the rowboat I can't believe all the cool stuff in this set!

Best Wishes! Jenn Schenkel


  1. Looks like some great sets. Thanks for the review.

  2. These look fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Madelon

  3. Both of these are on my wish list.

  4. These are great sets! Love these...especially the boat set with the cute hat. ADORABLE!

  5. Wow! OG makes some great items! Thank you for the wonderful review!