Tuesday, October 25, 2016

*REVIEW* American Fashion World's Punk Rock Pirate Doll Costume

Lea wears American Fashion World's Punk Rock Pirate Costume Set for Halloween. 

I love this Zulily purchase. Unfortunately it took three weeks to get here. The website said it would take that long, though.

 It comes with stretchy headscarf, top, two arm pieces, skirt and felt sword. Love the colors and detail.

Corset has dark fabric and is unlined.

Tie the headscarf the way you want it to be. Once she has boots she can go Trick or Treating.


  1. Mama got this for me for my birthday last year and it is so cute! It's nice to know the company that made it.

  2. Lea looks so cute! Lots of nice pieces in the set.