Sunday, October 30, 2016

*Reader Photos* Melody's Harvest Concert

Melody is giving a free Harvest Time Concert.

We love all the songs with sheet music because it makes Hope-Faith want to sing. Which means reading more to learn the words. We blow them up so we can see them and she loves trying to be Melody's voice. 


This is a very nice piece, along with the piano and microphone, grab it for Christmas Day excitement. We are thrilled.
Rating Melody Music Studio 100% perfect.


  1. We have the piano and microphone. My girl love it. They use the microphone to sing songs, and to practice spelling their spelling words, then hit the clap button after they spell the word. They have used it so much that the red star has worn off. Thanks for the great idea about enlarging the music sheets. I did make copies of the original, since I had foreseen that they would get ruined with play. I even thought of lamenting them, but haven't done that yet. Love Melody's outfit, she looks nice in orange, and the pumpkin.

    1. Awesome, awesome. You are so smart. Laminate them for sure. This is a incredible piece with hours and of great play value.

  2. Scene looks perfect! What fun.