Sunday, October 23, 2016

*Reader Photos* Meet Up AGP Orlando

Meet up was a bust! The clerk said it was more packed than Black Friday! It was insane. It took 20 minutes of driving in circles to find a parking spot. We waited a further 20 minutes inside the entry, but didn't see anyone looking for someone (us) so we shopped.

There is no mall entrance/exit in Orlando. I've not seen this before.
I'm sending along two photos. One is the camper display. This makes the third one I've "fixed" by raising the stove unit. I also told Nashville about how it raised (theirs is in a case) - corporate hadn't told any of them. Crazy!

So if we missed anyone, we're sorry!

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  1. It is so wild when that occasionally happens, a day whrn everyone goes to American Girl. You keep wondering if it is a Holiday. Lol. Glad you had fun.