Saturday, October 15, 2016

*In Store Report* PWP, TM and Halloween Costumes - AGP DC (Part One)

The current PWP is nice. 

 Who wore it best?

Close look at the current Halloween costumes.


Here is #54.

Thank you Madelon!


  1. Picture 3 has my vote for the PWP. The dark hair works really well with the cool colors. As a doll I think she gets overlooked.

  2. My vote for PWP who wore it best goes to #1 who I think is TM #61.

    Thanks Madelon for the pictures!

    P.S I totally think LADL should make "Who Wore It Best?" a "thing" for in store photos! I really enjoyed this post!

  3. I like 28 (second picture from the top) best. I think her medium skin tone and light brown hair look gray with the purple and sparkles

  4. I love the PWP tbe Most on Melody. I got it for her today. It is sooo pretty. Praying to get that Skelton Set very soon for Our Doll and For Hope-Faith to match.I have a twist on how I want to wear it. Hopefully I get a budget for it very soon.

  5. sigh for Ivy mold #54, I wonder if that is just a display doll, and not what is really available. I really wanted the Ivy mold #54 but didn't realise until she arrived that there was a face option/old stock. Ive almost gotten over it and am thinking of playing safe for #64 instead. International ordering has its downside.