Wednesday, October 5, 2016

*In Store Report* AG - Kohl's

We went last night to see if they would have any of Lea’s items. 

It was just one display, in the middle of the main aisle. The price display says that the items are eligible for promotional offers and coupons, but you can earn and redeem Kohl’s cash and rewards. The display also had the wording ‘while supplies last.’  
On the end of one of the aisles was the Wellie Wisher Banner, but no Wellie Wisher items in the store. When I do go to Kohl’s I avoid the toy area, because that area isn’t kept organized. There are boxes on the floor, and toys taken out of the boxes. My girls want some items from the Lea Clark collection. But being in the AG reward program, it is a toss up on where I will get more reward. 

The sale sign under the Wellie Wishers wasn’t for Wellie Wishers. It was for Arts n Crafts. 

What our store had:
 Lea Doll

Doll outfits: 
Rainfirest Dreams pajamas
Mix and match swim set
Rainforest hike outfit
Bahia outfit
Celebration Outfit

Doll Accessories: 
Beach Picnic Set
Rainforest Hike
Beach Accessories
Margay Cat
Three-toed Sloth

Girl Clothing: 
Lea Clark’s meet dress
Rainforest Dream Pajamas
Adventure T-shirt



  1. Did you mean to say you can or can't use Coupons and Promotionstowards the purchase?

    1. You can use all coupons and kohl's cash also!

  2. Thank you for the in-store report! I went to our local Kohl's and the sign said you cannot use coupons or promotions toward these items. Our store was a bit messy as well, but they did have the Wellie Wishers. They didn't have the Margay Cat, but they did have the Turtle as well as the Sloth (which I couldn't resist picking up!).

    The real surprise of the day was finding the Wellie Wishers and a few accessories at our local Barnes and Noble! And you can use your B&N membership discount. Couldn't wait to share that information with the LADL community. Willa came home with me. :)

    I love this blog! You do such a great job on it all, bringing everything to life and sharing great info!

    --Michele Grace

    1. Beyond exciting news that Barns and Noble will have WellieWishers.

    2. Sounds like an afternoon adventure to B&N. Right now B&N has a 20% off one item coupon. Looking at the conditions, it doesn't specifically mention Wellie Wishers, but does say that items may be marked not eligible for promotional and coupon offers.

  3. Yes, I saw the coupon last night after posting -- and after I bought Willa! Arrghh! Wish I'd seen the coupon before I went to the store... Hmm... maybe I'll use the coupon to go and buy those adorable little pink pajamas.... :)

    --Michele Grace