Monday, September 12, 2016

*REVIEW* Retro OG Pajamaramas

New retro OG Pajamaramas would be great for Melody or Maryellen-has a baby doll cut.

Top velcros in back, bottoms pull on.

Doll has a Battat tag.

Slippers fit OG doll easily.

I recommend this!

Less than $12 this week.


  1. So cute Madelon! I've always loved baby doll pajamas. The little doll is a bonus. Your little OG doll looks so precious!

  2. Very cute set. I love that they even made a doll for the doll. Your doll from your collection looks so cute in this OG set. Is this set online?

  3. Love these. In Houston Target $12.99 today.

  4. Adorable!! And a doll, too--what's not to like!! OG clothes are great.