Thursday, September 29, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Retro Outfit - Business Class

Unfortunately, this coat is a big struggle to get on Melody. It is too tight on her arms.

Once I got the coat over her fingers, I buttoned it, but that is not an easy fit, either.

The boots fit easily.

Glasses are very Jackie O!

Suitcase opens.

It is a much better fit in our OG Audrey Hepburn look alike.

The sleeves are lined in white.

Love the scarf and glasses.

I highly recommend this!


  1. It's cute, but I think I'd like the jacket more if it was a different color.

    1. Beige or a floral pattern would be nice. Madelon

    2. The color of this jacket in person is a French blue and it's beautiful! It doesn't really come off well in photos.

      I bought the outfit mostly for the boots though. They are awesome

  2. Your Audrey Hepburn twin is very cute in this outfit. Love the scarf too.