Tuesday, September 20, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Doll - Vienna

This last week I found Vienna at my local Target, a doll I've been eying for several months as I loved her hair and mostly, her jacket. I love the lilac motorcycle jacket look and wish I had one myself. She was supposed to be available online only, but when I saw her, I thanked the stars for the gift card I had and snatched her up. (Her skirt is actually a dark purple, which you can see in pictures online at the Target website, but most of the pictures I took made it look brown. I even tweaked the color and lighting after loading the pictures onto my computer, but still no dice.)

I was not a fan of her warrior-style sandals, so I traded them out for Julie's original meet sandals. Overall Vienna is a lovely doll, and the skirt and jacket look of her outfit is very cute.

 So is the flower barrette, which helps to keep her hair out of her face--on one side, that is. It has a tendency to fall on the other, and gets in her eye, making it partially close. Her hair is parted with a clean, modern style and the highlights are wonderful, very similar to Lea's. 

Unfortunately, due to the way her hair is parted, it can leave large gaps from the rooting if not brushed just right. (See arrow.) That's a big gap! Her hair is nice and silky, long, slightly layered, but shed easily upon initial brushing like other OG dolls I've purchased. The slight wave is from being tied back in the box.

 Tada! This shirt comes from the basic outfit "A Cut of Lace" (available online as "Pants with Lace Top"). I also considered the sweater from the "Fashionably Fluttery" basic outfit (online name "Fluffy Sweater Outfit"), or the t-shirt from the AG "Real Me" JLY meet outfit. I chose this shirt as I knew short sleeves would best fit under the jacket, and it did. The first picture of Vienna unboxed is actually of her with this shirt on underneath--I forgot to take one of her right out of the box, as I was desperate to get those sandals off!

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Vienna. Beautiful doll, but ... I found the outfit appealing most, as I didn't need another doll. I had to put four of my dolls in a drawer for storage. Then the outfit was half disappointing. Plus, the parting of her hair, while refreshing, leads to more gaps than usual with the rooting. That makes styling somewhat out of the question. If I had to give a letter grade, I'm inclined to say B-, maybe C+. It's a difficult call.