Monday, September 5, 2016

*REVIEW* Maryellen's Refrigerator & Food Set

Ok, Ok....WOW-ZERS!

Ah-Ma-Zing! Eggs do not come out of the door.

Two shelves, one produce drawer.

Jello mold dessert, jars of condiments, quart size bottles of milk.

Frozen TV dinners. favorite!

Who remembers these? Orange flavored Popsicles!

The ham and vegetables are one piece and do not come out of Pyrex or off the tray.

Come on! Doesn't this look like REAL butter??

The freezer has the old metal (plastic) ice tray where you push the lever and crack the ice out.

This set comes with a lot of fun pieces. You can also use items from other sets too.

The food does not come out of the plastic (metal) trays ether.

The all plastic TV trays have easy assembly....just like the real thing! The legs pop into place.

I can not get over this set! It is by far my FAVORITE BF item to date! Exceeding my expectations and will match very well with my GE retro kitchen pieces.

RUN and grab one of these before they go on back order or sell out. Forget waiting for a sale...they won't last that long!


  1. Looks like a great set. Can't wait till you put it in your retro kitchen!

  2. Congratulations!!!! This will be perfect for Our Dolls Thanksgiving Dinner. Must have.

  3. This was a must have from the new release for me!!!! I loved that it was metal! Absolutely crazy about the ice tray (brings back memories!). I have to say the only two things that kept this from perfect was the eggs glued in and the TV trays not metal.
    I absolutely agree this is wonderful!!!! Sharon

  4. I really like this set surprisingly. The eggs being immobile is not a big disappointment to me since they are included therefore leaving one to use their imagination of cracking one or two for a cake. AG gives you just enough to have creative play within the world of MaryEllen. Very happy with this set and all the new editions. Hope to see more for the holidays.

  5. Can't wait to get this! it is wonderful in person. Madelon

  6. I love both this set and many of the other things AG has released. It is sad that the eggs don't come out, but those would be a real choking hazard, especially around the siblings of AG's target demographic. (plus, like with the old Easter egg set, they don't have a track record of making small bits of food come out of their containers.)

    Actually, at my grandmother's house, she has TV trays (like 4 I think instead of 2) just like these, and a cabinet that has shelves exactly (though no fancy pattern) like Melody's headboard (that goes on her bed). I am really beginning to think I might have to recreate my grandmother's house on a doll scale.

    1. I would have agreed with small parts reason except that they have lots of loose small parts in Melody's bingo set!!! Sharon

  7. This is absolutely adorable. I just love the TV dinners, and that surprises me because I've never had a TV dinner in my life. I have no idea why. I guess probably the same reason that I never had a sweet cereal until well into my twenties. That was a disappointment to say the least. All those years thinking I was missing out on something only to find out it tastes just like sweet cardboard. :) lol!

    ginnie /

  8. Is the gelatin mold stuck to the plate?