Friday, September 16, 2016

*REVIEW* Madame Alexander Doll Mia

I bought this Madame Alexander Doll at Tuesday Morning for $19.99. The original price  was $59.95.  Her name is Mia and she is the first doll created from a modern picture book written specifically for little black girls.

She did not come with a book, but the book character she portrays is Mia.  The title of the book is," I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl".  The book was nominated for a NAACP Image Award.

I like the fact that her head can tilt. 

She is has a breast plate and her eyes open and close.Her hair is
rooted.  Not sure what it is made of.  I like the fact that her scalp is
painted black so that it doesn't show in another hair style.

Her bottom is smaller than American Girl dolls, so her capries are very tight on AG dolls. The top fits fine. She can also wear AG clothes and shoes.


She is not AG quality, but also not AG priced.


  1. I bought this doll, too! She is beautiful. I love her hair. She is meant to be a play doll according to the box. Her happy expression should delight children and adults. Madelon

  2. She is cute. It's cool that she was based on a book. In my opinion $59.95 is a little expensive, but $19.99 isn't that bad.

    1. Totally in agreement on the price! I am glad I waited to get her until this sale too.

  3. She is adorable. Love her Hair mostly. Thanks for sharing.